Here we go!

In Gilbert White's "The Natural History of Selborne" he writes of hope that the book will cause people to pay ready attention to the "wonders of creation". While I may not agree with his use of the word creation - I would replace it with Evolution - the basic idea remains the same. We need to look more closely, we need to pay more attention and we need to value the things we find. There is wonder to be found in the plants and animals living in your own back yard - you do not need to visit the far flung and remote places of the world to see the drama that evolution has produced.
Of course, if somebody offers me the change to go to the
"far flung" places I am not going to say no!

I suppose that Australia counts as far flung for many people -
have have parrots in my garden trees and marsupials
eating my plants.
It's all a matter of degree.

Where possible I am going to illustrate this blog with my own pictures - so wish me luck as I dive in. Cheers. Stewart M


RBenz said…
Great start. As you said, we all have "far flung places." We watch Fox Squirrels (Sciurus niger) raid the bird feeders with the sound of Red-bellied (Melanerpes carolinus) and Pileated Woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus) in the background. You watch the "pesky" parrots! We need to look around, notice and wonder much more often. I think folks that work at photography often "notice" more of the common place, but even we need to be jostled a bit from time to time. RB
Anonymous said…
hey mr monckton, awesome blog!! so is this your new career now? not just blogging, but venturing through the world of biology at home and across the world? Evolution was my favourite part of Biology in Year 11 & 12 - although all of it was great - mainly due to the historical aspect of it. I will be keeping a close eye on your blog throughout the future, and wish you all the best!! I guess I can call you Stewart now.... :-)

Stewart M said…
Fraser - Yes you can! Evolution will pop up more than once or twice along the way!!

Gald to have you keeping a close eye!

Unknown said…
Mr. Monckton!
I'm yet to read any actual posts, and it is late and I'm in the middle of Swot Vac (lame excuses).
However, the idea behind the blog is fantastic, as illustrated above.

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