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An Offshore Account

I don’t like to be late.   And I don’t like to be lost.   I find both states deeply unsettling, breaking, as they do, the temporal and spatial maps we hold fast to in our heads.   So, if I manage to be late or lost, my brain does little intracranial loops and tends to get a bit cross.   But crossness in the face of your own stupidity is a waste of time and energy – you need to save crossness for things that are important. I started to feel just a tad uneasy when I could not find my flight in the departure board, so I checked and double-checked, but no, it was not there.   I walked up to the check in desk (which was suspiciously quiet) and asked:   “Where do I go for this flight?” “Aberdeen” came the reply. I let that sink in for a while – looked at my ticket and felt pretty stupid.   There I was, in Glasgow airport, looking at a ticket to Orkney from Aberdeen airport.   A mere 3 hours away by road – and the flight was departing in 90 minutes. Ah.   Lost a