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The circle completed.

The holidays are over. It’s well past New Year. It’s a while until my birthday. It’s a long time until next Christmas. It’s summer now, but soon it will be autumn. Spring seems distant, winter a memory long gone. We seem so still.   Still, while time and the seasons turn around us.   So still that we do not notice the movement and flow.   We embrace the myth of stillness and solidity, seeking refuge from the circles and cycles of change.   Yet everyday we pass through and over, everyday we spin and change.   Every single day we play a part in the circle completed.   ------ It’s much cooler on the water than on land; wind washed, sea sprayed.   As the land draws away and we move out into the Bay, shapes grow from the sea surface to form solid objects.   Islands, natural and manmade, channel markers.   Bright signs that warn of danger, bright signs to keep us safe.   The bow of the boat skips on the waves and people laugh at the salt spray shower.   Pro