Dusk till Dusk - 24 hours in my garden.

This is another experiment - very few words this time. All the pictures shown here were taken between about 4.45 pm on Friday 1st July and 4.45pm the next day. I just wondered what I would see.

The house bricks flare in the setting sun.
The trees shine with the light of green and of gold.

Shadows grow, shadows dance, the sea of night cuts through.

Flowers still bloom, some hidden, some clear, but this is mid-winter?

The bark of trees, leaves fallen and brown, a winter reminder of the summer to come .

By the door, a black spider, a faint flash of red, gathered around it the remains of its last meal.

A long legged fly on the fence, another sits in the sun.

A wood pile knot, the eye of a tree, seems to look out on the passing day. But it can’t really see.

The hours tick over, a day comes and goes.


Arija said…
Hi there, so nice to see the little things around you. Just be careful with that red-back!
That's a really fun experiment Stewart. That's what I love about my digital camera, it helps me to really SEE the small beautiful things that make up our world. Thank you for sharing!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, the vine on the bricks is another favorite! love it!
tw3 said…
A day can last a lifetime
But a year flies past
I'm back here but commenting on "your other blog" which I bloghopped to (and where the comment box is set up differently and I can't leave a comment there)...just wanted to say I'm jealous of your cockatoo pictures -- it is hard for me to believe that those are not surprising to see! Just never ceases to amaze me! Pretty skies over there too.
EG CameraGirl said…
That's an interesting experiment. Did you discover anything you might have otherwise have missed?
Anonymous said…
Wonderful shots. I love the light in that last shot!
mick said…
That's an interesting idea to follow through and great photos - of course. I wonder what I would get if I did something similar? Maybe you should start a meme?
Jenny Woolf said…
That's a nice idea. I do something a bit like that on one of our balconies, only with different seasons and arrangements of flowers - I keep changing the arrangements on this balcony. It's amazing what a difference the light can make but it's a pretty well documented balcony by now!.
Jenny Woolf said…
Oh, thanks for calling by at my blog , nice to see you! :)
Unknown said…
These are such great details!
Anonymous said…
Great idea. The familiar places nearby get overlooked all too often, and there's so much to see when there's time to stop and watch.

Too bad there are no mynas in your photos. I loved your "lead boots" description.

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