About this blog.

A number of things started this blog : two of the most important were that I (finally) read “The Natural History of Selbourne” by Gilbert White and that I stopped going to work. Reading the book was a choice, stopping work was a necessity, forced on me by the collapse of my health.

I took to my bed for days on end, and read and read and read – and the books I read were about the natural world. It was a place I had lost as I had sunk deeper into the mire of my own mind. Strangely, given how I was, I knew that I had to reconnect with the world, that I needed a “Nature Cure” – and if you have read the book of the same name by Richard Mabey then you should know that I have not selected those words either carelessly or by chance.

The reconnection with the world that these words and pictures helped to build also help reconnect my brain in a way that was remarkable for me to experience and certainly a relief to my family.

I’m back at work – but doing something really very different - and the words and pictures seem as important as ever.

I hope whatever audience they reach takes the words as they are intended, and know that by reading them you helped me reconnect.


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